проект за инсталация в градска среда



Biotope (from Ancient Greek βίος (bios) 'life' + τόπος (topos) 'place') is literally an area where life lives. More precisely, a biotope is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific biological community. Taken in the broadest sense, a forest or sea could be a biotope but generally a biotope is often considered to be within the circle of human everyday life.

The Biotope series was created as a visualization of a large installation project representing a “city” of trash containers. The project deals with one of the most serious problems today – the problem with the waste that has already not only pragmatic but cultural and social dimensions as well. The increasing consumption leads to increased environmental pollution. The increased production results from the increased supply - consumption. The consumption has become a “social duty” that should keep the economy going. The consumer society has turned into a waste society. The message of the project is quite clear and does not need special explanations: we leave so much waste after us that the place we live in, our “biotope”, turns gradually into a dumping ground thus limiting our outlook and our movements. The coping with the growing amount of waste requires quick and intelligent decisions as well as socially responsible actions and behavior. It would be good if people reflect on these processes and on their personal attitude. I would refrain from further explanations, because I am convinced that an image reveals itself in a specific way that could and should not be completely verbalized.

Инсталация Биотоп, пл. Батенберг, примерен изглед, 2012

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