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Biotope Association is a nonprofit organization established in 2012 in Sofia.

The main goal of the Association is the realization of Biotope – an art installation in urban space.

Biotope Assn. is committed to organize various cultural events and communicate important social problems thought the means of art. 


A little bit of history

In 2007 the artist Slav Nedev started work on visualizations of the Biotope project.

A few successful presentations in Bulgaria and abroad (outlined below) received considerable media and public interest.

2008 - 6th biennial August in Art, Varna. Installation of 6 prints (6x7x3m)

2009 - Made in Arnhem, Arnhem, The Netherlands; Biotope XI (50х60см) has been auctioned and sold.

2010 - Biotope – a solo exhibition at Sofia-Press gallery, Sofia

2012 - Incorporation of Biotope Association to unite the efforts and skills of a team of experts working on different aspects of the project.

2012 - 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festival 2012, Earth|Body|Mind, Kathmandu, Nepal. Participation of three prints (101x136cm) in one of the shows and presentation of the project.

2013 - Participation in Open Monument group exhibition, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Managing Board of Biotope Association


Slav Nedev, Author and President of Biotope Assn.

Born in 1967 in Sofia, Svetoslav (Slav) Nedev is a uniquely versatile artist from the generation that emerged in the years following the political changes in Eastern Europe of 1989. In his vast body of works he explores various styles, media, and universes ranging from painting and digital art to objects and installations. His approaches often stretch the boundaries of art while under the profound influence of visions and dreams. Slav’s creative process requires his complete emotional and mental immersion in a theme or media, which often lasts for several years.

At age 22, after having declared himself “a free artist”, Slav devoted his time to meticulous studies of ancient Eastern Orthodox icons. While perfecting his technical skills, he drew further inspiration from his interests in Philosophy (Kant, Heidegger), Mythology, Art History and Psychology (Jung). Music, literature and nature provided further channels of influence in addition to his natural affinity for exploring social, philosophical or psychological problems through the means of art.

In his early works he concentrates exclusively on painting and drawing (watercolor and pastel) while experimenting with various styles from concrete painting, abstract style, expressionism to constructive minimalism. His oeuvre spans two decades and three stylistic periods: emotional expressivity (1992 - 95), abstract and surrealist symbolism (1996 - 2000), and cool, architectural compositions Post Urban Visions (1997 - ongoing). Parallel to that, several distinct series of works emerge: the psychological The Ordeals of the Soul (1994), the mathematical Remains (1995 - 96), the decorative Water Prints (1996), as well as the installation Passing through Nowhere (1997 - 99). 

lora_chekoratovaLora Tchekoratova, Project Coordinator

Lora Tchekoratova joined Biotope in February of 2012. She currently coordinates all administrative aspects of the project and monitors its progress. Her other organizational commitments include Director of Development of the concert series Bulgarian Concert Evenings in New York and frequent independent projects in the USA, presenting and popularizing classical music from Eastern Europe. She holds the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Piano Performance from the Juilliard School and has appeared as soloist and chamber musician in numerous performances throughout the world. Lora is deeply committed to the arts and spends considerable time and energy supporting and volunteering for artistic and environmental causes in her native country of Bulgaria.




Zdravka Sahatchieva, Architecture and Urban Planning Advisor

A member of Biotope since June of 2012, architect Zdravka Sahatchieva consults the association on technical aspects and matters concerning architecture and the integration of the project in urban environment. Since 1997, she has worked for a number of private architectural firms in Bulgaria. Her vast experience in the field varies from design of public and private buildings to development, coordination, and supervision of projects related to construction. Ms. Sahatchieva holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Architecture and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ochridky.” She is a member of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria and association “Color Group”, Bulgaria. A published author, she has participated in many exhibitions and conferences in Bulgaria and abroad. Besides architecture, Zdravka is interested in design, visual arts, music, cinema, photography, literature, and sport.



iulia_radanovaJulia Radanova, Legal Advisor

Julia Radanova advises the association on legal matters and connections with government institutions. Prior to joining Biotope in June of 2011, Ms. Radanova volunteered her services as legal advisor, incorporator and member of the Supervisory Board of design cooperation Charette, working on the promotion of design in all its forms and spheres. She is currently employed at Dinova, Roussev & Partners Law Office in Sofia. Other interests include developing an Internet platform for self-improvement of lawyers (Law for ALL) and providing legal and business services directed towards foreign investors (Smart Management Services). Julia is a registered mediator by the Ministry of Justice, interested in developing new creative methods for amicable dispute resolution in various fields.




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