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Conditions of Use

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The following lines set forth the relations between the Users of this site and its Owner, Biotope Association.  


By using this site, for whatever purpose, the User agrees to abide by the rules set forth on this page  


The Owner reserves the right to allow and disallow IP addresses and clients/hosts access to their domain at their discretion, at any time.


All the information placed on this site www.biotope.bg, including texts and images is copyright of its owners and cannot be used without (a preliminary) permission by the respective copyright owners.

All Rights Reserved.

Unless stated otherwise all rights are Copyright © 2008-2013 by Svetoslav (Slav) Nedev.


Fair Use and Permissions

  • It is permitted to link www.biotope.bg to any HTML page.
  • It is permitted to print a copy of any HTML page for personal use, educational use, or any other noncommercial use.
    • “Educational use” does not include copying, removing our Copyright notice, and claiming it as your own for any project.
  • It is NOT permitted to put direct links to any image file located anywhere on the domain www.biotope.bg or inline our images on any web site.
  • When using materials from the site, give the respective credits.



Biotope Association shall not disclose by any means nor shall it sell your (users of www.biotope.bg) personal information, unless a legal authority, public or municipal administration directs it.

We reserve the right to use selected quotes from E-Mails sent to our inbox and make them public. However, without your permission, we will not disclose the location or identity of their author.

The Web Site of Biotope Assn. (www.biotope.bg) is hosted by third parties and Biotope Assn. bears no responsibility for, neither could it control the information about users of this site that these third parties collect.

If you want to make a donation via PayPal®, ePay® or via Bank transfer, the information collected by these services and publicly viewed is beyond our control and cannot be protected by us. However, any personal data that is viewed by us and is under our control will not be shared (publicly) with anyone else.  


All Trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Biotope Association cannot be held responsible for anything you did on your own free will.


Thank you for reading the above conditions!

We hope that the materials you find on our site are of interest and useful to you.

Any questions are welcome via our emails or the contact form.

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